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A fantasy SRPG world with beautiful girlsA fantasy SRPG world with beautiful girls

Rejekuro!” is an SRPG set in a fantasy world where beautiful girl characters play an active role. Players will progress through the story together with magical girls as they fight against the Demon King’s army. The character design features beautiful girl characters created by popular illustrators. The appeal of this character is that it looks so good that you can’t help but be surprised by the character. The game system is a simple yet deep SRPG that emphasizes positioning. It can be said to be an addictive RPG that combines beautiful girl characters and a fantasy worldview.

Full of charm! Cute characters

“Rejekuro!” features many unique magical girls. The main character, Lulu, is a nostalgic character with a strong sense of justice. Players are sure to find a type of girlfriend that players like, such as a tsundere loli, a cool beauty, or a cheerful childhood friend. Characters play an active role not only in battle, but also in story and event scenes. It brings out the charm of the character to its fullest. The characters have unique dialogue lines and cute appearances, making them one of the joys of playing the game.

Inevitably immersive! A detailed fantasy world view

The game is set in a fantasy world full of romance, magic, swords, and kingdoms. The world is created with atmospheric backgrounds and BGM, such as forests where monsters roam, and cities lined with magnificent castles. It also has unique weapons, magic items, and a unique culture. Although it is a classic fantasy, the detailed world setting is one of the attractions that attracts RPG fans. The worldview that deepens as you follow the story is sure to tickle your sense of adventure.

High-speed battle of thrill and strategy

The goal is to take control of your opponent’s base by repeatedly moving and attacking your character. You will need to be strategic in determining the enemy’s placement and characteristics while calculating attack power, defense power, and the power of special moves. On the other hand, the battles have a good tempo, with fast-paced controls and production. It can be said that the real thrill of “Rejekuro!” is the heated battles filled with tension.

Try your luck with gacha! Abundant items and characters

There are over 200 types of characters and rare items in the game. You can get it by pulling the gacha. The excitement of hit and miss and the joy of acquiring new characters will keep players hooked. There are also plenty of growth elements such as item enhancement and special training. One of the attractions is that you can develop your character to your liking. The game’s performance, which combines luck and the fun of training, helps maintain long-term motivation.


“Rejekuro!” is an immersive SRPG that combines beautiful girl characters and an attractive fantasy world. It has all the elements that are irresistible for RPG fans, such as unique characters, heated battles, and the fun of luck and development. One of its charms is its simple yet deep gameplay. Please jump into the world of adventure and weave a story with beautiful girls.

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