Thorough review of TIPSTAR

By Admin Nov 13, 2023
Thorough review of TIPSTARThorough review of TIPSTAR
  1. Lots of benefits for registering : You can get a minimum of 300 yen just by registering, and up to 50,000 yen if you register via an invitation link.
  2. Invite a friend and save : When you invite a friend, you have a chance to win the same amount of war funds as the friend who invited.
  3. Various ways to earn money : You can increase your military funds in various ways, such as winning with gacha, earning by using projects, and inviting friends.
  4. Many campaigns : TIPSTAR holds various campaigns, and you can further increase your military funds by participating.

How to start TIPSTAR

  1. Register via point site : Save approximately 700 yen.
  2. Register using the invitation link : You could save between 300 and 50,000 yen.
  3. Register directly from the official website : Not a good deal.

Tips for earning money with TIPSTAR

  1. Purchase 1.0x wide : Since the return rate for bicycle racing is only 75%, you can increase your return rate by purchasing 1.0x wide.
  2. Invite friends : This is one of the best ways to earn money, but there is a limit of 100 people to invite.
  3. Participate in campaigns : TIPSTAR holds various campaigns, so you can increase your war chest by participating.

positive reviews

  1. Registration benefits are attractive : “I’m really grateful that I can get military funds just by registering. When I registered using the invitation link, I got a whopping 50,000 yen!”
  2. Easy-to-use app : “The app is very easy to operate, and even I, a beginner in bicycle racing, was able to use it right away.”
  3. Invite a friend for a great deal : “When I invited a friend, I got the same amount of money in my war chest as they did. I don’t think this is a perk that you can find in other apps.”

negative reviews

  1. It’s not always possible to make money : “Keirin itself is gambling, so if you start thinking you’ll make money, you’ll be in trouble. It’s nice to get some military funding, but in the end it all comes down to luck.”
  2. There is an invitation limit : “I wanted to invite more than 100 friends, but there was a limit and I couldn’t invite more than that. I wish I could invite more.”


TIPSTAR is a very attractive app for those interested in bicycle racing and auto racing, as it offers registration benefits, friend invitations, and various ways to earn money. However, it is important to note that bicycle racing and auto racing themselves do not make money. Why not start using TIPSTAR and enjoy bicycle racing and auto racing at a great price?

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