A reverse fantasy RPG with a unique worldview

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A reverse fantasy RPG with a unique worldviewA reverse fantasy RPG with a unique worldview

The main character, a girl, is supposed to be rescued by a prince, but instead she defeats an evil dragon and rescues the prince. This reversed setting is novel and gives a sense of a new approach to fairy tale stories. In addition, classic fairy tale patterns are skillfully interwoven, such as characters who were supposed to be enemies joining forces. The twisty storyline is appealing to orthodox fairy tale fans.

The interactions between the characters are interesting

The interactions between the unique characters are also one of the highlights of this work. The game takes advantage of the inverted character settings, and is characterized by interactions in combinations that would normally be unimaginable. For example, the interaction between a calm and collected beautiful knight and a clumsy prince reveals unexpected chemistry. Also, the villains who are supposed to be enemies get along with each other, and sometimes they play with the heroes, which is a playful touch. The appeal of this work is that you can enjoy a reversed view of the world through the interactions between the characters.

The system is simple and easy to operate

The game’s system is simple but easy to use, making it easy to focus on the story. The system intelligently determines movement and conversation operations, allowing players to progress through the game without hesitation. In addition, battles are also command-selectable, so even those who are not good at RPGs can play without stress. A certain degree of strategy is also ensured through the use of special techniques. A system that emphasizes the ease of enjoying the fairy tale world matches the concept of this work.

Beautiful world view

The graphics of this work beautifully depict the world of fairy tales. The castle in the background is intricately designed, and the character designs also give off a fairy tale atmosphere. In addition, although it is a pixel art, the facial expressions are rich in movement, and the characters’ individuality stands out. Effective production is also provided, and the fairy tale-like scenes are exciting with moving graphics. It can be said that the attention to detail in terms of graphics enhances the world view even more.


This game is very attractive as a game app that allows you to enjoy the world of fairy tales in a novel way. The way the characters and story are developed in a reversed setting is unique and makes you feel the potential of fairy tale fantasy. The system is easy to understand, and I was impressed by how easy it was to enjoy the story. The graphics are rich in characters’ expressions and depict the world view in an attractive way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tales.

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